The Usefulness of Meditation

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I know many of you have heard about meditation and that can be beneficial to your overall well-being. But most of you probably don’t know how.

In a 2012 study done by the American Psychological Association came to the conclusion that Transcendental Meditation technique has strong ability to reduce anxiety, trait anxiety, and neuroticism . It in turn, helps with learning, better memory and more self-realization.

Transcendental Meditation can also  lower blood pressure slow aging, and even a reduce reduce the rate of heart attacks , strokes and death by 48%.

Harvard neuroscientists conducted an experiments with 16 subject who were submitted into an 8-week mindfulness course with guided meditation as well as meditation in everyday activities. When the test concluded, there were MRI scans done on their brains which showed an increase in grey matter concentration in the parts of the brain that involve controlling emotions, learning and memory, having perspective, and sense of self.

It would seem that being able to focus and control ones mind consistently is helpful to your overall health. This is something that would take some time to master but can help remove anxiety and stress from ones life.

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Release, Regain, Refocus

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